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Portugal Golden Visa

The Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds

Your road to the Portuguese citizenship.

Golden Visa Portugal Investment Funds

Capital transfer of the amount of 500 thousand Euros, or higher, for the acquisition of units of investment funds or venture capital fund of funds dedicated to the capitalisation of companies, capital injected under the Portuguese legislation, whose maturity should be at least, of five years. At least, 60% of the investments need to be realised in commercial companies with headquarter in Portuguese territory.

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Unlock the Potential of Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds

Investing in Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds offers unparalleled opportunities for investors seeking to leverage the benefits of private equity funds while aiming for the Portuguese Golden Visa. These funds, under the expert management of sector specialists, present a strategic pathway to obtaining residency in Portugal through a minimum investment of €500,000 in officially registered funds.

Tax-Efficient Investment with Venture Capital Funds

Venture capital funds stand out as a tax-efficient investment option in Portugal. For non-residents, dividends and capital gains from these investments may be tax-exempt, highlighting their appeal. Additionally, many of these funds offer a minimum return hurdle rate, varying between 1.5% and 11%, ensuring fund managers are rewarded only when performance exceeds set thresholds.

Government Support and Regulatory Compliance

Some Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds benefit from government subsidies or financing by the IFD, underscoring their credibility and potential. All funds adhere to stringent regulations enforced by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), ensuring transparency and security for investors through regular third-party audits.

Investment Maturity and Strategic Focus

To meet the legal criteria for the Portuguese Golden Visa, these investment funds typically have a maturity of at least five years and are mandated to invest a minimum of 60% in companies headquartered in Portugal. This strategic focus not only supports the local economy but also offers investors the advantage of bypassing the acquisition tax and stamp duty tax associated with real estate investments.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Choosing the Golden Visa Investment Fund route over traditional real estate investments can lead to significant savings in time, taxes, and legal fees. This approach eliminates the acquisition tax (approximately 6%) and stamp duty tax (0.8%), making it a more efficient and financially savvy option.

Key Benefits of Golden Visa Investment Fund Applications

  1. Direct investment opportunities in Portugal's company shares.

  2. A streamlined process to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa, starting at €500,000.

  3. Rigorous auditing and evaluation by certified, independent entities.

  4. Access to profitable investments in Portugal with lower initial capital.

  5. Portfolio diversification, ensuring no single investment dominates more than a third of the portfolio.

  6. Tax exemptions for non-residents on withdrawals and a 10% tax rate for residents.


Application Process Overview

The application process is straightforward, involving the submission of personal documents, obtaining a Portuguese tax identification number (NIF), opening a Portuguese bank account, and transferring funds to the chosen investment fund. Notably, US Persons must choose a FATCA-compliant bank for their Portuguese banking needs.


Essential Documents for Application


The application requires specific documents, including bank declarations attesting to the transfer and ownership of

investment units and a declaration from the investment fund managers regarding the fund's compliance with Golden Visa requirements.


Investing in Portuguese Golden Visa Investment Funds offers a lucrative and efficient pathway to obtaining residency in Portugal, with the added benefits of tax efficiency, regulatory compliance, and significant savings on costs associated with real estate transactions. This investment route not only promises financial returns but also supports the Portuguese economy, making it an attractive option for global investors.


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